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Buyers Guide

Fast Forward in the Right Direction!

Here are some quick easy steps to follow

#1: How much do I qualify for?

In order to qualify, use our online, user-friendly “Mortgage Calculator” for a quick estimate. A more in depth assessment can be made by contacting any lending institution of your choice and requesting a “Mortgage Certificate”.

Once this document is in hand, it allows us to give you the best advice on interior design, finishes and prospective Lots so that you get the “best value for your money”!

#2: Make the “Wise Investment To Last A Life-Time”

Call into our office and speak with our in-house Property Consultants, who will guide you hand in hand through the process of attaining the home of your dreams. Taking your budget into consideration, limitless opportunity is open to you as we customize your design and ultimate real estate package to suit your needs.

View “Our Gallery” to get started or give us a Call to set up a face-to-face appointment with one of our in-house Property Consultants. Your signature journey is about to begin!