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Purchasers Package

Check Out The Amenities Our Developments Offer

Central Post (Country View Estates)

Residents of Country View Estates are able to enjoy Central Post. This minimizes disturbance to its residence by a local post-man driving house – to – house through the entire development. Residents will pick up their mail at an in-development central postal area, where each residence has a designated Postal Box.

Landscape/Property Maintenance (all developments)

(Available on Request)

Recreational Area (Country View Estates/ Sunrise Courts)

A peaceful, recreational area is located in these exclusive residential developments which allows children to play in a safe, fenced-in area. It also provides the household with a relaxing area in which they can spend time together.

Security Alarm Package (all developments)

(Available on request)

Specifications (all developments)

Your house will come complete with:

  • Interior and Exterior Trowel Plastic on the walls – a natural tone is used for the interior and the exterior color is your choice!
  • Tiling throughout the home including bathrooms & the kitchen (these will be chosen by you – the client)
  • Kitchen (Built to Customization – Modern White / Traditional Stain)
  • Electrical (As shown on your house plan- Customization options available)
  • Plumbing
  • Much, much more. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable an environment as possible to you.

Purchasing Process (House and Land)


There is a Non-Refundable Holding Fee of $2,500.00 which goes towards the drafting of your chosen design onto your lot and getting the Design approved by Town and Country Planning. Once this Deposit has been paid you will be given Official Offer Letters to take to your bank/lending institution (should this method be used.)